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List of Articles on Trade

A labor and environmentally oriented trading system This article by Bill McGaughey appeared in Synthesis/Regeneration, a national publication of the Green Party, in the spring of 1993 (Presents concept of employer-specific tariffs.)

A search for trade standards to protect labor and the environment This article by McGaughey appeared in Synthesis/Regeneration in the winter of 1996 (Advocates an accounting rather than legal approach to enforcing labor standards.)

Outline of an Internationalist Proposal for “Fair Trade”

Why employers want to outsource manufacturing production An illustration of the financial impact

The politics of free trade Bill Moyers' interview with John MacArthur, publisher of Harper's magazine

An exchange with the Mayor of New York

U.S. trade deficit by month and year (in millions of dollars)

The challenge of trade with China as analyzed by Prof. Behzad Yaghmaian

The human side of production in south China by Prof. Behzad Yaghmaian

Government as Regulator of the Labor Market McGaughey's conceptual framework for dealing with long-term employment problems

McGaughey's book opposing NAFTA how it might have affected the 1992 Presidential campaign

Fighting the last war The free-trade concept is now obsolete.

Meeting the Objections to Trade Reform that more jobs are created than are lost

Where the trade issue is today Our politicians are mostly in denial.

The ultimate twist of the screw Call centers in India collect bills from America's destitute.

Why it's time to scrap free trade Instead we need a development model of trade.


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