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Materials related to Bill McGaughey's abortive Campaigns for U.S. Senate


Bill McGaughey, along with Kurt Anderson and Steve Williams, was one of three persons who sought the Independence Party endorsement for U.S. Senate in 2008. Steve Williams, a farmer from Austin, Minn., was endorsed at the convention held in Bloomington on June 21, 2008. Bill announced prior to the vote that, unlike 2002, he would not challenge the party-endorsed candidate in the primary. (Jesse Ventura might do that.) When some party members pushed for a "no endorsement" option, Bill McGaughey announced his opposition to that plan and, after the first round of balloting, withdrew as a candidate. Williams was endorsed on the second ballot.

In 2002, Bill McGaughey challenged the party-endorsed candidate, Jim Moore, in the Senate primary. Moore won the primary with 13,525 votes, or 49.5% of the total. McGaughey finished second with 8,432 votes, or 31.0% of the votes. A third candidate, Ronald E. Wills, finished third with 5,351 votes, or 19.5% of the total. Jim Moore later became state chair of the Minnesota Independence Party.

A member of the Independence Party, Dean Barkley, served in the U.S. Senate for two months when Gov. Jesse Ventura appointed him to succeed Paul Wellstone after the D.F.L. Senator's tragic death in a plane crash a week before the 2002 election in which the Republican candidate, Norm Coleman, defeated former U.S. Vice President Walter Mondale who was Wellstone's last-minute replacement.


2008 election

Bill McGaughey’s statement to party members while seeking the IP endorsement for U.S. Senate in June, 2008 Scale back the military and rebuild our sagging economy.

Blue Print for a Senate Race in 2008 What Bill McGaughey proposed to do if nominated for U.S. Senate by the Independence Party of Minnesota

Four Issues that summed up the McGaughey campaign for Senate in 2008 (a brief statement)


previous elections

Bill McGaughey’s Record as a Political Candidate in three primary elections

Full text of William McGaughey's book, The Independence Party and the Future of Third-Party Politics, published in 2003.

Full text of William McGaughey's book, On the Ballot in Louisiana, which concerns McGaughey's experience as a candidate in Louisiana's 2004 Democratic presidential primary.


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