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Our candidate weighs in on the Paris Hilton controversy


Bill McGaughey's "letter of the day" appeared in the Star Tribune on August 9, 2008. It read:

"I admire Paris Hilton. While her life circumstances have been far from difficult, she has taken an identity that society despises and made something of it. She did not turn to lawyers when the embarrassing sex tapes surfaced, but instead 'went with the flow' of her notoriety and became one of the world's foremost celebrities.

At its peril has the John McCain campaign learned to trifle with Paris. She's back in the splotlight with a rebuttal to the tv ad and her energy plan, which is said to be superior in ways to those which the presidential candidates have presented.

Yes, she is, as she says of herself, 'hot'. Not bad for a day's work while soaking up the sun."

Bill McGaughey, Minneapolis

However, I stop short of endorsing Paris Hilton for President. Not so Timothy Alexander, the Earl of Stirling, hereditary Governor and Lord Lieutenant of Canada. On a blog dated August 5, 2008, titled "Paris Hilton for President", he wrote:

"Paris Hilton for President .... ok. But you know what, she not only looks one hell of a lot better than the other two candidates but her energy policy actually makes sense. Much more so than that of either Obama or Mc Cain. Here is a link to Paris Hilton's response to the McCain ad that used her ploto. She has a good sense of humor as well as an excellent grasp of public relations. - Stirling"

This is a link to the Paris Hilton video.

On a more serious note, Mr. Alexander posted a blog on August 7, 2008, titled "Massive US Naval Armada Heads for Iran. "Operation Brimstone", which recently concluded naval war games in the north Atlantic, is heading to the Persian Gulf for a possible naval blockade of Iran and a "likely resulting war". He lists the war ships involved in this armada. Here is a link to that blog.

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