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Web site of Bill McGaughey, prospective candidate for United States Senator in 2006 seeking the endorsement of Minnesota’s Independence Party

(A decision will be made in May whether to run.)

"I will not be a candidate this year." - Bill McGaughey (May 1, 2006)


For more information about McGaughey and his views, click on these pages -


What is a progressive? Does this label fit the DFL party?

“What Kind of Senator I would be” by Bill McGaughey (his key positions and intended approach to the office)

His "dunce hat" pledge

McGaughey biography

His relationship to the Independence party (including aspirations of what this party could be: a second party rather than a third, presenting a true alternative to the Republicans in place of a party which has no vision or commitment)

Links to other web resources

Is the U.S. going to invade Iran? by Bill McGaughey

“These are not ordinary times, and mine will not be an ordinary campaign. If things go well, I can win.”

- Bill McGaughey

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