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Note: This site is the campaign website of Bill McGaughey, a candidate of Minnesota's Independence Party for U.S. Congress in the 5th District (Minneapolis and adjoining suburbs). His campaign is meant to raise fundamental questions about our nation's and humanity's future and generate a new politics. Bill McGaughey will be one of three candidates on the ballot in November for Congress in Minnesota's 5th District. The others are Keith Ellison, the DFL incumbent and Republican Barb Davis White.

Inside an Independence Party candidate's campaign for Congress in Minnesota's Fifth District in 2008

(a new unpublished book on this campaign written by the candidate)


Results of general election, November 4, 2008

candidate party
votes received
percent of total
Keith Ellison DFL
Barb Davis White Republican
Bill McGaughey Independence

In the September 9th primary, McGaughey received 828 votes, or 1.79% of the total.


New Independence Party

Two questions: Can the U.S. reverse its $700 annual trade deficit? Can our grandkids be happy in a world with dwindling supplies of oil and clean water? Let's discuss those questions in the context of an election campaign.

With an "iceberg" looming ahead, now is the time to consider real problems, not "rearrange deck chairs on the Titanic". The Independence Party's candidate for Congress in the 5th District, Bill McGaughey, bases his entire campaign on addressing those two questions plus the question of immigration.

However much Bush Administration policies have messed up our future, there's always hope as one of the Presidential candidates says. Let it be a realistic hope. Let's discuss how humanity can survive the coming ordeal and even prosper in a world of material shortages. Is it possible for government to lead the way to a happier future?

Bill McGaughey, photo taken in St. Louis Park on July 15, 2008

* The Case against Keith Ellison's Reelection (Mpls.e-democracy forum Nov. 1, 2008)

* Star Tribune article on 5th District race on October 27, 2008 A hatchet job on Keith Ellison's two opponents

Bill McGaughey pickets Star Tribune newspaper on October 29th. See link to MPLS Mirror blog, "Party Favors:One Party Town", including video interview.

* The candidate's program is summarized in a position paper titled Manifesto of our future possibilities. For an abbreviated version, click here.

* McGaughey is not a “tax-and-spend” Democrat or a “don’t-tax-but-spend-and-borrow” Republican but a “tax-and-motivate” type of person associated with the Independence Party of Minnesota. See his “Philosophy of Government” statement.

* Trade policy is one of Bill McGaughey's main issues. In 1992, he published a book criticizing NAFTA and suggesting alternatives. (A U.S.-Mexico-Canada Free Trade Agreement: Do We Just Say No?, ISBN 0-9605630-2-4) Here are some more recent writings on the subject of trade policy.

* Related to this is the question of illegal immigration. Bill McGaughey has developed a new proposal to deal with this problem. Click here.

* Candidate McGaughey believes that the solution for achieving full employment and environmental stability is a global agreement to reduce the hours of work. In 1989, he and former U.S. Senator Eugene McCarthy published a book on this subject (Nonfinancial Economics: The Case for Shorter Hours of Work, ISBN 0-275-92514-5). Go to shorterworkweek.com for more information.

* Here's a surprising concept from this candidate: A Proposal for Socialized Medicine

* To get a sense of the candidate's conservative side, browse through the archives of Minneapolis Property Rights Action Committee.

* Political turning points happening right now.

* Bill McGaughey? Who is he? Some biographical information.

* Written statements from his previously intended Senate campaign

* 2008 Campaign Activities - some photographs

* Heckler's corner Yes, we have them, too.

* Sung in the district

* KSTP-TV/ League of Women Voters 5th CD debate October 11, 2008

* Other

* "a Civic Duty"


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"Bill McGaughey understands that most of our problems are linked to a few central questions. I'm particularly happy to see him focus on the issue of declining oil supplies and our need to restructure our economy to keep our prosperity which means not using fossil fuels as an energy source."

- Dean Zimmermann, former Minneapolis City Council member


He wants in on this campaign.

Presidential politics: On January 26, 2008, the Independence Party of Minnesota voted to affiliate with a newly created national organization called "The Independence Party of America" for the purpose of supporting the candidacy of New York mayor Michael Bloomberg for President of the United States. On February 27, 2008, Mayor Bloomberg announced that he would not be running for President. Bill McGaughey favors Barack Obama for President.

a photograph of Bill McGaughey taken in Alexandria, Louisiana, on the night that results from that state's 2004 presidential primary were announced


What Comes Now?

After political words are spoken,

the stock market drops,

and cold weather sets in,

the world falls into the hands of -


leaves yellow and brown,

carpeting the earth.


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