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Announcement on Minneapolis e-democracy discussion list on July 16, 2008 Bill McGaughey announces candidacy for Congress in Fifth district of Minnesota

What Minnesota's Independence Party has been and might become some history and speculations regarding the future

What is a progressive? How does this label fit the DFL party? The Republicans?

I’ll Follow Al Gore He, not President Bush, calls for all electricity to be generated from renewables in ten years

A Proposal for an Alternative Immigration Policy Let's turn from identity politics and seek economic equity

Forcing Armageddon President Bush can do a lot of damage before he leaves office.

Bill McGaughey weighs in on the Paris Hilton controversy Includes link to her video responding to John McCain's campaign ad

Bill's talented campaign manager Meet "Red" Nelson, a legend in his own time

Republican National Convention held in a DFL-controlled city (St. Paul)

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