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The Independence Party and the Future of Third-Party Politics:Adventures and Opinions of a Former IP Senate Candidate

by William McGaughey

(a 420-page book published in 2003)


Summary of Chapter Content


Running for U.S. Senate

Chapter 1 Me, a Senate Candidate

Chapter 2 Developing a Campaign Strategy

Chapter 3 Jumping into the Fray

Chapter 4 Genesis of Issues


Imagining a Better World through Shorter Work Hours

Chapter 5 Poor-Quality Leaders (a.k.a. My Leftist Critique)

Chapter 6 Making the Free Market Work for More People

Chapter 7 My Involvement with Labor Issues

Chapter 8 The Economics of Work and Leisure

Chapter 9 Nuts and Bolts of the Shorter-Workweek Proposal

Chapter 10 A Proposal for Fair Trade


Dealing with PC Phobias & Complaints

Chapter 11 Two Events in 2001

Chapter 12 About the Ku Klux Klan

Chapter 13 Demons in the Press

Chapter 14 It Started in the ‘60s

Chapter 15 The Downside to Immigration

Chapter 16 About Lawyers and Politicians


Making of a Political Heretic

Chapter 17 The Gender Chip on my Shoulder

Chapter 18 Coming out of the Racial Wilderness

Chapter 19 Roots of White Self-Hatred

Chapter 20 Following my Ideas to Somewhere - Inner-City Real Estate and New Women

Chapter 21 Landlord Politics


Taking Action

Chapter 22 Growing Up Politically

Chapter 23 Two (Maybe Three) Campaigns for Mayor

Chapter 24 Lessons Learned from the Landlord Group

Chapter 25 My Campaign for U.S. Senate

Chapter 26 Paul Wellstone and the Rest of the Campaign


Building a Third-Party Movement

Chapter 27 Building a Third Party Movement: Part 1

Chapter 28 Building a Third Party Movement: Part 2

Chapter 29 Confronting the Demons

Chapter 30 Is there a Third Way?


Supplemental Materials

Appendix A On the Campaign Trail with Bill McGaughey

Appendix B A Challenger's Letter to Independence Party Members

Appendix C Distance Bombardment: Communicating with Editors and Voters by Fax, Internet, and Newspaper Advertising

Appendix D The Ground War: Campaign Literature given to Newspaper Editors

Appendix E History of the Two-Party System in America

Appendix F Campaign Manifesto: Where I Stand on the Two Issues

Appendix G Report on McGaughey Campaign by Don Davis of Forum Communications

Appendix H Analysis of Election Returns

Appendix I Off the Internet: a poem about America, land of new opportunities

Appendix J In the Aftermath of the Election: Questions about Coverage (or lack thereof) in the Star Tribune

Appendix K An Experience in New York

This book is available in soft cover from Thistlerose Publications, 1702 Glenwood Avenue, Minneapolis, MN 55405 for $15.95 per copy (discounted $3.00 from the list price) plus $3.00 for shipping and handling (flat price disregarding quantity). Besides its greater ease of reading, the printed book contains 140 illustrations - mostly photographs taken during the campaign tour in Minnesota.

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